Rising Tide of Holiday Decorating Injuries: A Call for Caution and Professional Help

As the festive season unfurls its vibrant banners across Tulsa, Okla., homes light up in the spirit of celebration. Yet, beneath the glittering facade of holiday cheer, a less joyful trend emerges – a significant uptick in ladder-related injuries. Paramedics and professionals raise the alarm, urging safety and caution in holiday decorating endeavors.

A Seasonal Spike in Injuries

The holiday season, synonymous with joy and celebration, has an unfortunate, less-known companion – an increase in decorating-related accidents. Paramedic Lacey Shafer sheds light on this concerning trend, noting a marked rise in falls from ladders as residents of Tulsa and beyond climb to dizzying heights in pursuit of the perfect holiday setup.

A Seasonal Spike in Injuries
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The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission’s stark statistic of over 14,000 individuals treated for similar incidents last year underlines the gravity of the situation.

High Stakes on High Ladders

Ladder safety, seemingly straightforward, harbors potential for peril when overlooked. Shafer emphasizes the essentials – checking weight limits and adhering to safety warnings. With varied specifications across different ladder brands and models, ignoring these guidelines can turn a festive endeavor into a potential emergency.

Furthermore, conditions such as windy weather, or personal health issues like vertigo or general instability, significantly exacerbate the risks.

The Pitfalls of Private Installation

The allure of cost savings can lead homeowners to opt for private contractors for light installation, a choice fraught with hidden dangers. Butch Dellis, owner of Hook and Ladder Holiday Décor, points out the perils lurking in such decisions.

The Pitfalls of Private Installation
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From inadequate insurance coverage leaving homeowners vulnerable in case of accidents, to questionable workmanship that could escalate to safety hazards – the stakes are high. The absence of formal contractual agreements further complicates possible disputes or dissatisfaction.

The Case for Professional Assistance

Choosing a reputable, insured company for holiday decorating not only illuminates homes but also ensures peace of mind. Professional outfits bring expertise, experience, and appropriate insurance to the table, mitigating risks to both property and person.

In a season marked by joy and giving, the safety of loved ones and property should preside over cost-cutting considerations.


The festive season’s spirit is best encapsulated in the warmth and joy shared with loved ones, unmarred by preventable accidents. As Tulsa’s residents, and indeed people everywhere, gear up for the holiday cheer, the message from paramedics and professionals is clear – prioritize safety.

By adhering to safety guidelines, considering one’s own limitations, and opting for professional help when necessary, the season’s joy can be fully embraced, free from the shadow of potential injury.

In an era where every penny counts, the true cost of holiday decorating could be more than one bargains for if safety guidelines and professional advice are sidestepped. This holiday season, let’s light up our homes with not just lights, but also the wisdom to celebrate safely.

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