Fire Truck Ladder Collapse Disrupts Traffic in Hong Kong

A significant disruption unfolded on Kai Cheung Road in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, when a 56-metre (184-foot) aerial ladder attached to a fire truck unexpectedly collapsed during a routine inspection at the Kowloon Bay fire station.

The incident occurred at approximately 3:25 PM on Friday, blocking three lanes of traffic and causing considerable concern among local residents and commuters.

Hong Kong Traffic Disrupted Incident

Fortunately, no injuries or casualties were reported following the collapse of the mechanically-operated extendable ladder. The dramatic scene, captured by a car dashboard camera, showed the ladder fully extended above the fire truck before it came crashing down onto the road.

The impact was severe enough to turn the fire truck onto its side and shatter the fire lift platform, scattering debris across the roadway.

In response to the emergency, a large crane was promptly dispatched to the site to remove the wreckage and clear the fallen ladder arm from the main thoroughfare, Kai Cheung Road. This prompt action was crucial in mitigating further traffic disruption and ensuring the safety of the public.

The Fire Services Department has expressed its concern over the accident and is taking the matter seriously. A task force has been established to investigate the cause of the accident thoroughly.

The department revealed that the damaged truck had been in service since June 6, 2018, and had successfully passed all scheduled inspections every four months up until November 2023.

As a precautionary measure, the department announced the temporary suspension of the remaining three trucks of the same model pending a comprehensive safety inspection. In the interim, backup ladder trucks will be deployed to maintain the department’s operational efficiency and response capabilities.

Hong Kong Traffic Diruption- Firetruck"

The police also played a crucial role in managing the aftermath of the incident. After receiving a report of the accident at 3:29 PM, officers quickly set up a cordon around the affected area.

The Fire Services Department took immediate action to cut the ladder at the scene, which facilitated the reopening of all lanes on Kai Cheung Road.

This incident underscores the importance of rigorous maintenance and inspection procedures for emergency service vehicles. It also highlights the swift and coordinated response of Hong Kong’s emergency services to ensure public safety and minimize disruption in the wake of such unexpected events.

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